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A Windy Deluge

Walt H. Rambaransingh

| Date 03/16/14

On a blustery day near Lake Okeechobee, the Titans continued their 2014 40 over campaign vs Southshore CC. Game 5 of the 2014 40 over campaign would be played at John Stretch Park but would be a designated home game for Titans. Titans CC won the toss and elected to field first based opponent’s lack of a full squad.

Krishna & Walt opened the bowling. Krishna continued his efficient bowling season. The blustery winds caused a 5 wides opening over from Walt who made the necessary adjustments with an 8 over opening trot that included the first wicket being taken LBW in the 12th over along with 3 maiden overs including a maiden wicket over. Krishna also bowled a maiden over & took 2 wickets in his spell. Errol took the second wicket of the inning with a spectacular “Caught & Bowled” that left his teammates in absolute awe. Errol also bowled an efficient spell with 3 maiden overs in his 8 over spell. It was the first catch that could be a nominee for catch of the year. Santosh’s bowling was a bit expensive but continued to be the hardest working bowler on the field. Tiki continued his good 2014 campaign with 2 more WK catches on the day. The Titans gave up 30 runs in the first 14 overs, 50 runs in the second 14 overs and a mind boggling 84 runs in the last 12 overs (which is a bit of a discrepancy as ~20 runs were unaccounted for on the scorecard). However, at the end of the innings, Titans had to chase 175 runs. At the end of the innings, Southshore CC was 174 runs for 6 wickets after 40 overs. Titans CC Bowling details of the day are below:

Krishna - 8 overs, 1 maiden, 17 runs, 2 wickets, 3 wides.
Walt- 8 overs, 3 maidens, 14 runs, 1 wicket, 7 wides.
Santosh - 8 overs, 0 maidens, 50 runs, 1 wicket, 7 wides.
Errol- 8 overs, 3 maidens, 12 runs, 1 wicket, 4 wides.
Aditya - 2 overs, 0 maidens, 19 runs, 0 wickets, 3 wides.
Sandeep - 6 overs, 0 maidens, 37 runs, 1 wicket, 7 wides.

Chucky & Skipper Tiki opened the batting due to Dalip’s absence. Tiki lost his wicket in the 7th over with a mishit. Atul came in as the 1-down batsman & settled in for the most important partnership of the game. Chucky & Atul embarked on a 16 over, 109 run partnership that was the foundation of the reply. That partnership was broken up in the23rd over with only 40 runs needed for the victory. There was a small middle order collapse but the 175 run target was achieved with 5 overs remaining. Titans CC win the game by 5 wickets. The only 2 batting highlights were Chucky’s 93 run stand and his 109 run partnership Atul.

The 3rd win of the season was taken with a grain of salt as the opponent played 2 players short. Wides continue to be an issue but improvements could be seen. Bowling highlights included efficient bowling spells from Krishna, Walt & Errol that included 7 total maiden overs. Batting highlights were Chucky’s 93 run stand and his 109 run partnership Atul. The only fielding highlights of the day were Errol’s scintillating “Caught & Bowled” that removed the 1-down batsman and Tiki’s 2 WK catches. Tiki continues to lead the leagues’ fielding stats with 5 total WK catches & 4 total stumpings. Skipper Tiki addressed the issue of some batting deficiencies in the top & middle order at the post-game recap. The squad moves on to a 3 win, 2 loss record for the year so far. The Titans squad survived a windy day and made the victory more difficult than it needed to be. Again, lessons to be learned & improvements could be seen week to week. The 2014 evolution of the Titans Cricket squad continues.