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Chucky Joins The Elite 500 Club.

Paul Dharmendra Ramkissoon

| Date 04/09/11

Below is the press release made by the league...


Sachith Kongahakotuwage of Titans Cricket Club is the Newest Member of the SFCA 500 Club, instituted in 2000 to honor those players who score 500 or more runs in a season during the 45/40 Overs Competition in either division. In that year four players were inducted in this prestigious club. Since its inception, fourteen players have reached that milestone with Mark Johnson having the distinction of being the only player to accomplish the feat three times with Kenroy Wright and Shane Ford twice. Carl Wright has the highest aggregate (844 runs). Five players from the lower division, namely, Stephen Baptiste, Ivan Seenathsingh, Errol Brown, Clarence Salmon and Sachith Kongahakotuwage are members of this elite club.  The newest member, Titans Cricket Club 25 years old prolific left-handed opening batsman Sachith Kongahakotuwage became the fourteenth member. He has the distinction of being the only player to score
over 500 runs in the 2011 season averaging 139.75 with an aggregate of 559 from 9
innings being not out 5 times, scoring 2 centuries and 4 fifties.

Sachith was born in Kandy, Sri Lanka, he recently graduated from Florida Atlantic
University with Bachelors Degree in Finance His desire is to help his club (Titans CC)
promoted to the Premier Division. SFCA President, Melton Taylor is elated about Sachith’s accomplishment and stated that this will enhance SFCA path in the youth movement and behalf of SFCA Board of Directors and the cricketing community we congratulate Sachith on such a great feat.  The members of Titans Cricket Club are proud of his accomplishment and are looking for many more seasons topping the 2011 season.

Sachith Kongahakotuwage Batted 9 innings 5 times not out for 559 runs
Average 139.75
2 centuries & 4 fifties

2000 1 Roy Weeks (Jammers CC) 592
2 Shane Ford (West Indies CC) 557
3 Peter Anthony (West Indies CC) 514
4 Mark Johnson (International CC) 504
2001 5 Stephen Baptiste (Ambassador SC)* 538
2002 6 Hasratali Amin (SilverWhip CC) 543
2003 7 Carl Wright (Alliance CC) 844
--- Mark Johnson (International CC) 628
2004 8 Errol Brown (Parkway CC)* 617
2005 --- Mark Johnson (International CC) 802
9 Ken Wright (Alliance CC) 514
10 Ivan Seenathsingh (Trinidad CC)* 506
2006 --- None ---
2007 --- Ken Wright (Alliance CC) 633
11 Patrick Campbell (Myrtle Grove CC) 534
2008 12 Clarence Salmon (United SSC)* 509
2009 --- Shane Ford (Myrtle Grove CC) 690
13 Dave Wallace (Myrtle Grove CC) 536
2010 --- None ---
2011 14 Sachith Kongahakotuwage (Titans CC) 559