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It’s Just Physics, Man!

Walt H. Rambaransingh | Date 06/02/14

The Ratti & Adi show.

On a cloudy day, the Titans continued their 2014 40 over campaign with the last regular season game against Palm Beach Eagles. Game 12 of the 2014 40 over campaign would be played at John Prince Park. Palm Beach Eagles won the toss and elected to bat first. The Titans were looking to tune up for the upcoming post season.

The regular opening pair of Krishna & Walt opened the bowling. Walt got back to his efficient bowling ways with a solid 8 over spell on the trot. Errol & Tanmay were the first change bowlers after Krish bowled his 4th over. At the 14 over break, the Eagles had lost no wickets and the opening batting pair scored 68 runs. Tanmay took the first wicket in the 19th over. This began the Eagle’s batting collapse. By the 2nd break after the 28th over, the opposition had lost 8 wickets (all within the 2nd period). Of those 8 wickets, Errol took a 5 wicket haul while Tanmay took the other 3. Krishna took the remaining 2 wickets by the 36th over, after the 2nd break. The fielding highlights including high catches in swirling winds by Sahel & Aditya at cow-corner & mid-on, respectively. Bowling highlights included Errol’s superb 5 wicket haul & Tanmay’s effective 3 wicket haul. Overall, the bowling kept the opposition to under 4 runs an over. Titans CC Bowling details of the day are below:

Krish – 7.1 overs, 0 maidens, 25 runs, 2 wickets, 2 wides.
Walt- 8 overs, 0 maidens, 28 runs, 0 wickets, 6 wides.
Errol- 8 overs, 1 maiden, 33 runs, 5 wickets, 0 wides.
Tanmay- 8 overs, 0 maidens, 36 runs, 3 wickets, 8 wides.
Santosh - 5 overs, 0 maidens, 17 runs, 0 wickets, 1 wide.

Skipper Tiki & Atul opened the batting with 20 penalty runs already on the scorecard (due to the opposition being late in preparing the field). Both openers started well with confident strokes but Atul lost his wicket in the 5th over with a “ghost” edge back to the keeper. Aditya came in 1-down to replace Atul and he settled in with Tiki to form a solid 50 run partnership that was one of the keys in chasing down the opposition total of 142. Tiki lost his wicket in the 17th over by trying to hit over mid-on. Dalip replaced Tiki but lost his wicket several balls later hitting high & into the wind. Krishna replaced Dalip. He & Aditya formed the 2nd 50+ run partnership of the game to finish the run chase. The Titans chased down the needed 143 runs in 30 overs with Tiki, Aditya & Krishna scoring 36, 29 & 18, respectively. Aditya was the main batting highlight by being part of two 50 run partnerships while Tiki supported with a good start & Krishna supported with a good end. Titans CC win by 8 wickets.

At the end of the 40 over regular season, Titans CC finish with an 8 win 4 loss record. The squad earned a #3 seed going into the playoffs with an upcoming semi-final game. Bowling highlights included a 5 wicket haul from Errol and a 3 wicket haul from Tanmay. Fielding highlights included catches from Sahel (to remove the in-form batsman) and Aditya. Batting highlights include Aditya’s involvement in two 50 run partnerships. The squad was ecstatic to witness the first incidence of Tanmay’s fiery, competitive on-field temperament for the year. This is what happened. Errol took one of his 5 wickets after bowling a brilliant ball that took the off-side bail off the stumps of the on-strike batsman. After the 1st umpire confirmed the wicket after consulting with the 2nd umpire, the off-strike batsman (who was also their captain) accused WK Tiki of hitting the bail with his glove. It was obvious that the ball had removed the bail as it went backwards toward Tiki. So, in response to the off-strike batsman’s accusation, Tanmay’s “energetic” response was “It’s just Physics, man. Go to school & learn some science”. Classic! Titans CC look forward to the post season play with an upcoming semi-final game after this final regular season tune-up.