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Maidens Seven

Walt H. Rambaransingh

On a cloudy September day, Titans CC played their 4th game of the 2012 40 over campaign at Southshore.  Southshore CC won the toss and elected to bat on a damp wicket next to Lake Okeechobee.

Paul & Krishna opened the bowling and held Southshore to 15 runs in the first 6 overs.  Tanmay & Atif came in as first change bowlers and continued to bowl efficiently over the next 11 overs.  Titans CC held Southshore CC to 33 runs after 10 overs & 55 runs after 17 overs.  Atif took the first wicket of the day by bowling opening batsman D. Edwards in the 10th over.  Southshore was given some hope in the 18th over after an expensive 22 run over from Atif.  The turning point came in the 25th over after Southshore CC scored their 100th run.  During the next 10 overs (25th thru 35th), Titans CC took the remaining 7 wickets and only allowed 13 runs.  Southshore CC was bowled out for 113 runs in 35 overs.  

Bowling highlights included a 4 wicket haul for Paul, a 3 wicket haul for Aati (including a maiden double wicket over to end the game) and probably the most miserly bowling by any Titan player ever when Tanmay bowled 4 maiden overs and allowed only 3 runs (2 of which were wide balls) in his 7 over spell.  If there is anything such as a miserly beast, his name would be Tanmay.  In the 35 overs bowled, there were seven maiden overs, ten 1-run overs & five 2-run overs bowled.   Fielding highlights included a stumping by Tiki and a run out by Atul & Tiki.  Bowling details are below:

Paul- 8 overs, 1 maiden, 25 runs, 4 wickets, 9 wides.
Krishna- 4 overs, 0 maiden, 13 runs, 0 wickets, 4 wides.
Tanmay- 7 overs, 4 maidens, 3 runs, 0 wickets, 2 wides.
Atif- 7 overs, 2 maidens, 43 runs, 3 wickets, 2 wides.
Santosh- 4 overs, 0 maiden, 13 runs, 1 wicket, 9 wides.
DK- 5 overs, 0 maiden, 16 runs, 1 wicket, 4 wides.

Chucky & Dalip opened the batting chase with an 86 run partnership, both hitting some sensational 6s & 4s.  Both opening batsmen lost their wickets after the 15 over intermission trying to slog and being caught at long on & long off positions.  Tanmay & Skipper Tiki then came in & guided the team to victory in 4.3 overs after the 15 over intermission.  Chucky scored 38 runs, Dalip 34 runs, Tanmay 4 runs not out & Tiki 16 runs not out.  Titans CC successfully chased 114 runs in 19.3 overs.  Titans CC win by 8 wickets with 123 balls remaining.

Improvement was seen from the previous week with bat & ball.  However, the seven maiden overs, ten 1-run overs & five 2-run overs bowled was overshadowed by the 30 wide balls bowled, a continuing problem for the team that needs resolution.  From a statistical standpoint, there were 20 runs scored in those 22 overs (10 runs of which were wide balls).  Subtract the other 20 wide balls and Southshore earned 73 runs in the other 13 overs.   Again, lessons to be learned and emphasized with the team going into the bye week.  The only other issue of the day was the mysterious disappearance of the Krakatoa. Your guess is as good as mine as to when it will resurface but I have vivid nightmares of an American minivan being chased by a German roadster!