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Meet Gavin Wallace - Palm Beach Titans’ Assistant Coach


| Date 12/11/20

Gavin Wallace is the newest addition to our team and was introduced to us by youth member Adam, who he coaches. When the opportunity arose to join the Palm Beach Titans as the assistant coach, it was something he couldn’t decline. One of his passions is sharing the knowledge he has gained over the years on and off the cricket field so coming on board to help the team nourish the skills of our young players was in alignment with his beliefs.


Being fairly new to the team, Gavin is mostly laid back and focused on observing the team’s strengths and weaknesses so he can outline the best ways to make improvements on already existing cricketing skills. We already have pretty good players and his goal is to ensure that everyone can work together cohesively and move in the same direction. After all, a team is only as strong as its weakest link and though a player may be terrific in their own right, that can be affected if the team doesn’t play well together collectively. He plans to lead by example and will use his performance and skill to motivate and inspire the team.


Gavin was a first class bowler for West Indies A and made his first-class debut for the Combined Campuses and Colleges cricket team in 2007–08 Carib Beer Cup on 29 February 2008. He got to play against some of the best cricketers in the world throughout his career such as Ricky Ponting and Kevin Pietersen. It’s an experience he will cherish for the rest of his life and if he can help another young player get such an incredible opportunity, he will.


Did you know?

Gavin earned his Bachelors in Finance from the University of Technology in Jamaica 


He grew up in the Parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica. His love for cricket was really inspired by his dad who passed away when Gavin was young. His childhood is filled with memories of his dad excitedly listening to the broadcasts of team Jamaica playing their cricket matches. He made the decision to pursue cricket professionally in honor of his dad because he knew that it would make him proud. 


Gavin made the move to South Florida two years ago and he currently resides here with his wife of 4 years, Lola. When he’s not out on the field, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and having good deep conversations. 


Fun fact:

He loves cartoons! A favorite to watch is Spongebob


We are privileged to have Gavin join our team as assistant coach to help us move onward and upwards as a club!