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Meet Ray Robinson - Our Vice President


| Date 01/08/21

Ray has been a part of our team for a very long time. In fact, he joined when we were known as the Palm Beach Cricket Club and was previously president of that club. After the merger of Palm Beach Cricket Club and Titans, he took on the role of vice president. 


How did Ray become a part of the team?


He moved to Florida in 1977 from Jamaica but it wasn’t until 1979 that Ray first encountered Palm Beach Cricket Club. He serendipitously ran into the team one Sunday afternoon while he was out and the rest is history. He has been a loyal and dedicated member since then!


Today, in his role as Vice President of the club, he wants to see the team win upcoming championships. There was once a time when the Palm Beach Titans were a powerhouse in the league. Ray credits this to years of recruiting, training and learning how to play as a team. He’s very optimistic that the team has a bright future ahead because we have a great mix of young talent and experienced players on the field. 


“We’re on the right path” - Ray Robinson


Ray’s approach to leadership is based on his understanding that not everyone has the same ability. He believes that once you're willing to learn and take advice, then you can always improve. You can also trust that whenever you leave a conversation with him, you’ll both be on the same page since he spends a lot of time emphasizing things. A lot of the guys playfully joke that Ray can turn a 2 minutes conversation into 5. And in his own words, he prefers to “over do it than under do it”.


He has spent most of his life being involved in cricket some way or the other. Growing up in Jamaica, he recalls being a young boy playing cricket in the streets with his friends. Some of the best parts of the experience were searching for things that could be used as a bat and clearing out whenever cars passed by. If you grew up in the West Indies, you’re probably really familiar with this type of experience since it’s still a part of the culture for many youths throughout the Caribbean. 


In elementary school, he joined the cricket team. This gave him more exposure to proper coaching. He was also a part of his high school cricket team. He was primarily a bowler and fielder. He retired 4 years ago and though he is mostly involved in the managerial aspect of the team these days, he still goes to practices and competition games where he shares his observances and knowledge with the players. 


Fun Facts!

Ray was coached by the famous West Indian cricketer, Alf Valentine.


In his free time, he enjoys listening to music. Some of his favorite genres are Reggae and Soul. He particularly enjoys softer music on Sundays since it gives a more relaxing vibe. He would describe himself as laid back, easy-going, and fair. One philosophy of life he has carried with him throughout his years is “What you don’t like for yourself, don’t do to others”


We’re extremely grateful for Ray's loyalty to the team over the years. Having this experience and passion for the game reflected in our Vice President guarantees a brighter future for the team.