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Redemption Volume 1

Walt H. Rambaransingh

| Date 06/16/19

A Rebirth. On a highly anticipated & overcast June day, the Palm Beach Titans commenced their 2019 South Florida Cricket Alliance 20 over campaign. Game 1 of the 2019 SFCA 20 over regular season would be played against Southshore CC at the Titans home ground of John Prince Park. Palm Beach Titans won the toss and elected to bat first. 15 Titans were available for the first game of the 20 over season and all 15 showed up for their club. The revamped and reinforced squad took the field with proper Titan vigor and solid contributions from the supporting cast.

Sachith and Andre opened the batting. Both began in stoic fashions watching ball movements before they garnered their full forces. The 2 left handed opening batsmen proved to be a challenge for the opposition with Sachith scoring two 4’s and ten 6’s and Andre scoring five 4’s & three 6’s in their spells. The opening partnership accumulated 155 runs before Andre lost his wicket at the end of the 18th over of the 20 over match. Cai replaced Andre at the crease and scored 9 runs facing only 3 balls that included a last ball 6 to end the first innings. At the end of the first inning, the Palm Beach Titans scored 183 runs with Sachith scoring 108 runs (not out) and Andre scoring 48 runs.

Maruthi and Leju opened the bowling in defense of the succulent Titans score of 183 runs. Leju struck first blood with the fourth ball of his first over via a WK catch from Vice Captain Avinash forcing the opening on strike batsman to go back to the pavilion. The resolute Titan continued his wicket taking traits by taking 2 more wickets via a clean bowled and a sumptuous catch from resident drama queen Paul. Jitendra’s only over was a maiden over while Maruthi’s 3rd over was a wicket maiden over giving WK vice captain Avinash a second caught behind decision on the day. At the end of the 8th over, because of rain, the umpires called the game. The result was that the Palm Beach Titans won by 49 runs by the D/L method.

Maruthi - 3 overs, 1 maiden, 12 runs, 1 wicket. (1 wide)

Leju – 3.5 overs, 0 maidens,14 runs, 3 wickets. (6 wides)

Jitendra –1 over, 1 maiden, 0 runs, 0 wickets. (0 wides)

The Palm Beach Titans began the regular season of the 2019 South Florida Cricket Alliance 20 over campaign with a substantial victory over Southshore CC. Batting highlights included the opening batsmans’ partnership of Sachith with 108 runs (not out) and Andre with 48 runs. Bowling highlights include a 3 wicket haul by Leju, a 1 wicket haul and wicket maiden by Maruthi and a maiden by Jitendra in his only bowled over. Fielding highlights include an attention to detail that forced the day’s opposition to rethink any extras that they thought to take. With the first game of the 20 over season, the team set the standard for what is expected of Palm Beach Titans teams going forward. Being the first game of a 12 game 20 over campaign, the squad look positively to their future campaign and aspirations. The team will look to improve and refine each aspect of their bowling, batting and fielding. A championship continues to be the definitive team goal of the squad.


The scorecard is available via the below link: