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Walt H. Rambaransingh

The Titans looked to end the regular 2013 40 over season on a high note, playing Ambassador SC.  Game 10 of the 2013 40 over campaign would be played at Lake Stevens Elementary School.  Titans won the toss and elected to field first based on weather projections for rain later in the day.

Paul & Krish opened the bowling.  After an expensive first over, Paul settled down & finally rediscovered his mojo.  Krishna took wickets with the last ball of his 1st & 3rd overs.  Deo & Sammy were the first change bowlers and quickly took wickets in their 8 over spells.  By the water break in the 16th over, Titans had taken 6 of Ambassador’s wickets with 69 runs on the board.  It took 20 more overs to remove the remaining 4 wickets. The entire Titans bowling ensemble took wickets at a regular intervals with Paul, Krishna & Deo taking 2 wickets each and Sammy taking 3 wickets.  Sunil was especially nimble at wicketkeeper as he took 3 wicketkeeper catches & 2 stumpings.  Ambassador SC was all out for 145 runs in 35.4 overs.  Titans CC Bowling details are below:

Paul- 8 overs, 0 maidens, 39 runs, 2 wickets, 6 wides. 
Krishna - 8 overs, 0 maidens, 26 runs, 2 wickets, 9 wides.
Deo- 8 overs, 0 maidens, 27 runs, 2 wickets, 3 wides.
Sammy- 8 overs, 0 maidens, 26 runs, 3 wickets, 6 wides. 
Phani- 2 overs, 0 maidens, 11 runs, 0 wickets, 1 wide.
Sahel- 1.4 overs, 0 maidens, 11 runs, 1 wicket, 1 wide. 

Chucky & Dalip opened the batting.  Dalip lost his wicket in the 4th over after scoring a meager 4 runs.  Sunil followed and quickly lost his wicket after scoring an equally meager 2 runs.  Tiki then joined the party and settled in with Chucky.  Chucky lost his wicket in the 12th over after scoring a solid 36 runs, with the team about halfway to the chasing target of 146 runs.  Sahel followed and scored an in-form 15 runs before hitting an easy catch to point.  Krish then entered but Tiki lost his wicket 3 overs into their partnership after scoring an important 36 runs.  Skipper Paul then walked to the crease with 25 runs needed for victory and settled in with Krishna to end the game in the 26th over after successfully scoring the necessary runs for victory.  Titans win by 5 wickets against Ambassador SC.

As the 2013 40 over regular season culminates, the 10 game season has the Titans CC ending with 8 wins & 2 losses, the best win/loss regular season record in team history.  Every game provided us with lessons for improvement & the 2 losses reminded the squad that diligence is of tremendous importance.  Playoff games loom with semi-finals scheduled for following weekend.  At the very least, the Titans CC should have a #2 seen going into the playoffs.  This was a historic regular season for Titans CC but there is a 2 game post season that demand victories to consider this season a success.  The magic number is 2.  Let’s get it, Titans!