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Titans Bowlers On Song Against Westside.

Paul Dharmendra Ramkissoon

The lead up to the game conversations centered mostly on whether Westside would even  turn up given their track record. Well they did turn up and with a few talented players in tote.  They won the toss and elected to bat on a track that was hard and dry.

Their best player Kenny Smith strode to the crease and Titans skipper, Paul, set his men in place and took the new ball for himself.  In a gem of a first over, the skipper conceded a single to Kenny and then proceeded to remove two of their batsmen in the next two consecutive deliveries...leaving Westside stunned after one over with two wickets down and one on the scoreboard.  He would add another wicket first ball of the third over that really had them in bad shape at 19 for 3 after 4 overs.  Later the skipper would finish off his spell with a maiden to finish with figures of 4 overs 3 wickets 1 maiden 14 runs 0 wides 0 nb...super stats for a T20.

Danny was the other new ball bowler and conceded 31 runs in his first three overs on the trot during the powerplay.  Later in the game he finished his spell with a one run over as his pace proved too much for the lower order batsmen.  His figures of 4 overs 0 wickets 0 maiden 32 runs 4 wides 0 nb was not ideal and he has certainly left the door open, from a bowling perspective, for a more experienced new ball bowler to compete for a spot in the team.  But as it is in "all rounder land"...he would do better with the bat...more on that later.

Deo's debut for Titans spelled trouble for the opposition from over number 1.  He was able to get turn and bounce at will and seemed to be spot on from ball one.  He was by far the most difficult bowler for the batsmen to negotiate and he also removed their key bat, Kenny, to return great debut figures of 4 overs 1 wicket 1 wicket-maiden 17 runs 1 wide 0 nb.  His experience and variation shone brightly...even on this small non-spin friendly ground.

Atif's introduction was a bit more of a bookend business.  Over number 1 and 4 went for a lot, but the two in between were solid.  He showed that he is a bit out of form, but we all expect him to be back on track by next game.  He finished with less than impressive figures of 4 overs 1 wickets 0 maiden 30 runs 1 wide 0 nb.

Tanmay had an interesting T20 style spell...where he bowled a total of fours overs for 26 runs, 3 wickets and no extras...but consider that 20 came off his 2nd over...and you will realize how good he actually bowled in the other three overs.  In fact, bad fielding efforts contributed to that one off bad over...but such is the Titans life.

After 20 overs, Westside Cavaliers had managed a meagre 122/8 on a small ground...ans Titans attack has a look of balance and variation that was ideal for the format.

Chuck walked out with the legend Roy Weekes at his side.  What a sight that was, Weekes the titan...now a Titan!  Unfortunately, for Chuck and us all he never got going as he got out to a ball that went high off the bat to a very happy fielding side with him only bothering the scorers to notate 5 runs.  Dalip followed a couple balls later and Rheeshie the next over leaving a very touted and experienced top order in tatters at 3-13 after 3 overs.  Tiki and Chuck though held their nerve and went about their work dutifully assisted by some indiscplined Westside bowling that conceded our top scorer on the day...EXTRAS 34*.  Chuck was eventually bowled for 19 just when he appeared to be opening up a bit and theh Tiki and Bunny went directly into small ball mode tp the frustration of our oppostion.  Tiki later finished the day as the actual top scorer being caught close to the end of the innings having made 26...but was upset at leaving some work to do with his eyes in.  Danny...AKA Titan's Pollard...went out and did his thing...as he (22*)and Bunny (15*) saw us to 126/5 off 18.5 overs.  The six hit by Danny to bring us home brught a smile for a brief instant to Mr. Weekes face as he and several of the senior members stated "a win is a win and it's always good to get #1."  Later Weekes would say to me..."someone's gonna pay for his low score today" and I for one am happy to not be bowling to him anytime soon.

Our record stands at 1-0 and already we have re-proven that our bowlers can do what they have always done...set-up a win without perhaps the best of batting efforts.  That said though...it's nice to be undefeated in a league T20...for the first time and we will look to continue that feeling as we face Port St. Lucie CC next week at Gaines Park.

Congrats to the Titans and all their fans.