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Updates From The President - Paul Ramkissoon

Paul Ramkissoon | Date 01/08/21

Practice Game on 1/3/2021 against Megablasters


In our second practice match against the Megablasters, we attempted to have more of a mix of Titans 1 and 2 players.  MBCC won the toss and opted to bowl. In the first innings, we scored 173/10 in 30 overs. Suraj 43 (28), Kameil Ali 29 (40), Jimmy 5-0-27-4. In the second innings, Mega Blasters chased down 174/4 in 28. 2 overs. Manav 62 (37), Bidar 30 (42), Akash 6-0-27-2.  All in all it was a great way to spend a holiday weekend and also tune up for the remainder of the GCCL T20  season.


Practice Game on 12/27/2020 against Megablasters


Presently, there are only two organizations in South Florida that have the capacity to field two competitive teams, Palm Beach Titans and MegaBlasters. So even though there is generally a lack of player availability over the holidays, our teams can still pull together XI’s in such scenarios.  We decided to come together over the holiday weekends to play a game with a mixture of players from our 1st and 2nd teams. Christmas weekend was a very laid back experience and even though we lost the match, the great atmosphere made sure it certainly did not feel like a loss. Given that the rest of the competitions will restart soon, it was also a great opportunity to help some of our 2nd team players shake some of the rust off, after a very long layoff.


Palm Beach Titans VS Kendall Stars 


In our match against the Kendall Stars, we started strong with our bowling and restricted the Stars to under 130 runs. This was a pretty quick match that ended in 14-15 overs. A great performance by our bowlers that resulted in a win for the team. Here are the final scores: Palm Beach Titans (138/10) - Kendall Stars (129/7)


Palm Beach Titans VS Florida Spartans 


In our match against the Florida Spartans, we opted to bowl first. Spartans made 178 and we were confident that we could chase this down.  We showcased a remarkable opening partnership with no wickets lost within the first 10 overs. Despite that start though, we began wickets quickly and the collapse in the final 10 overs resulted in a loss for the team. Final score: Palm Beach Titans (138/10) - Florida Spartans (178/6)


Palm Beach Titans VS Megablasters Blue


In our match against the Mega Blasters Blue, Vice-Captain Suraj started the batting and performed well. However, we eventually started losing quick wickets. Our opponents caught us by surprise with a new batsman. A first-class player from India who did not hesitate to show his rank and skill. His efforts contributed to a close loss for the team. Here are the final scores: Palm beach Titans (159/9) - Mega Blasters Blue (160/3)